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About Cim Finance


Consumer Finance


Cards & Payments






Cim Credit Kenya

About Cim Group

Cim Financial Services Ltd (Cim Group) is the largest non-banking financial institution in Mauritius. It is listed on the Stock Exchange of Mauritius, with over 700 employees. Cim Group and its subsidiaries operate across two main clusters. Cim Finance Ltd (Cim Finance) provides a range of financial services including Consumer Finance, Cards & Payments, Leasing and Factoring. The investment cluster includes Cim Credit Kenya and a significant stake in iVeri Payment Technologies, a pan-African electronic payment solutions provider based in Johannesburg. Cim Credit Kenya is a recently launched Fintech Consumer Finance business based in Nairobi.



Consumer Finance > Hire Purchase > Personal Loans

Cim Credit Kenya > Consumer Finance Fintech

iVeri Payment Technologies > (omni-channel payments gateway)

Cards & Payments > Card Issuing > POS & E-commerce Acquiring



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About Cim Finance

Cim Finance has been offering financial solutions to consumers, SMEs and large corporates since 1987 and currently has over 700 employees with close to 110 retail points-of-sale across Mauritius. Cim Finance’s main business units are Consumer Finance, Cards & Payments, Leasing and Factoring. Consumer Finance The Consumer Finance activities started in Mauritius in 1987 with hire purchase (HP) financing and personal loans in 2015. With our strengthened business and improved capabilities, we are moving more and more towards the digitalisation of our processes. Cim Finance uses Experian developed application and behavioural developed scorecards to credit score customers and offers customer credit protection insurance on their credit facilities. Cards & Payments Cim Finance offers acquiring and issuing services for Visa, MasterCard and Union Pay. Cim Finance is the first non-banking financial institution in Sub-Saharan Africa to be a principal member of Visa, MasterCard and Union Pay. Leasing Cim Finance was a pioneer in the Mauritius leasing industry with the launch of leasing activities in 1996 to finance vehicles and equipment. Cim Finance offers finance and operating leases to individuals, entrepreneurs, SMEs and large corporates. Factoring Cim Finance launched its Factoring business in 2004 offering recourse Factoring to its domestic customers and started non- recourse Factoring in 2006. Cim Finance launched International Factoring in 2019. Our specialized, professional and dynamic team has more than 10 years of experience in the factoring industry.

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At Cim Finance

Our Philosophy At the core of our philosophy, Cim Finance has a mission to uplift lives and build better futures for its customers. Our People We nurture our people. We believe that our people are our most valuable asset, the cornerstone of our existence and our growth drivers. We believe engagement thrives in an environment filled with energy, trust, challenge, personal growth and fairness. Our Values Collaboration We work as one. We believe in the power of working together as the only way to progress and evolution towards a better future. Integrity We do the right thing. We conduct our business with uttermost respect for the highest standards of professional behaviour and ethics. Customer Centricity We see the world through our customers’ eyes. We are dedicated to caring for our customers in a highly proactive way and we are committed to improving their lifestyle. Innovation We are constantly evolving. We anticipate change and shape it to fit our objectives. We are committed to be at the forefront of a fast moving environment, by always rethinking our products and services to anticipate our customers’ needs.

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Chronology of Events

One of the pioneers non-banking institution to offer Leasing facilities in Mauritius

The first NBFI in sub-Saharan Africa to receive MasterCard accreditation

Launch of Credit Cards & Acquiring activities for Mastercard




1987 Started Hire Purchase / Retail Credit activities

2004 Launch of Recourse Factoring

2006 Launch of Non-Recourse Factoring

2010 Started Debit & Credit Card

Acquiring activities for VISA

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Rs Rs



Launch of VISA Credit Cards: Classic, Gold & Business

Launch of Personal Loans (Cim MoCrédit)

Launch of Travel Loan (Cim Voyage)

Launch of MoFinans and Web Portal





2014 Launch of UPI Credit Cards: Classic, Gold & Business

2016 Launch of Cim Fidelity Card (MoKart)

2019 Launch of International Factoring

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Our Products & Services

Cards & Payments

Consumer Finance

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Access to your dreams

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Consumer Finance

Present at 110 point of sales around Mauritius and Rodrigues as well as more than 800 merchants

Over 260,000 active hire purchase and 50,000 personal loan customers

Over 500,000 consumer finance loans disbursed annually

Launch of: > Behavioural Scorecard > Personal Loans (Cim MoCrédit)

Credit application scorecard






Started Hire Purchase activities

Launched Credit Protection Plan

Launch of: > Travel Loan (Cim Voyage) > Extended Credit facility (Flexi credit) > Merchant Mobile Application

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Key Product Offerings

Cim Flexi Credit A credit facility for financing any purchase with a flexible repayment terms as from 36 months to 48 months that fit best customers’ budget

Hire Purchase Credit facilities to individual for purchase of mobile phones, consumer electronic goods and furniture

Credit Protection Plan To protect the customers against unforseen circumstances and the plan is available for all credit purchase made through Cim Finance in collaboration with the Mauritius Union Assurance company


Cim MoCrédit Personal unsecured loans to individual for financing of projects or personal requirements with a repayment period of up to 48months

Cim Voyage A travel credit facility available through Cim Finance branches and our network of 10 travel partners around Mauritius

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& Payments Your goals, our solutions

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Cim Finance | 15

Chronology of Events

Launch of Mastercard credit Cards & Acquiring activities

Partnered with Shell to issue fleetcards

Launch of Visa Credit Cards








First non-banking institution in Sub- Saharan region to receive MasterCard accreditation

Started POS Acquiring activities for Visa

Started e-Commerce and POS Acquiring activities for Union Pay

Launch of UPI Credit Cards: Classic, Gold & Business

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Cards and Payment Solutions

> Cim Finance has a market share in Mauritius of approximately 20% for both the number of cards in issue as well as the value of outstanding balances. > The Cards & Payments team is actively engaging with the Bank of Mauritius on the implications of the National Payments System Act that was passed in Parliament on 21 November 2018 to ensure that as a company Cim Finance is well positioned to take advantage of the benefits of the National Payment Switch and Instant Payment System, that are regulated by the Act.


Over 35,000 card holders across various product types

Over 850 POS machines on the market

More than 600 merchants

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Suite of Acquiring Solutions

Cim Finance offers a comprehensive multi-channel suite of acquiring solutions that can be implemented in accordance with merchants’ specific acquiring needs.

Card Present Solution

Card-not-Present (E-commerce) Solutions

1. SynXis Payments

2. E/M- Commerce Lite

3. E/M-

4. Divert

5. Batch

6. Virtual POS

Commerce Enterprise

Standard & Mobile POS

Integration with Sabre-SynXis Booking Engine

Hosted Page on Merchant’s website

Fully Integrated on Merchant’s website

Sending a link for payment to cardholder

For automatic scheduling of payments

Replacing the Physical POS

Standard POS device or Mobile POS depending on usage

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Multi-Channel Acquiring Approach

Unified gateway & merchant portal for MIS & reconciliation

Unique service & support model – advice, setup & operational support from focussed integrated team

Choice of various Ecommerce or POS channels

In-Field Technical Support

CardPresent Solution

Suite of E-Commerce Solutions

Card-not-Present (E-commerce)Solutions

1. SynXis Payments

2. E/M- Commerce Lite

3. E/M-

4. Divert

5. Batch

6. VirtualPOS

Standard& MobilePOS

Commerce Enterprise

StandardPOS deviceor MobilePOS depending onusage

Forautomatic schedulingof payments

Replacing the PhysicalPOS

Sendinga link forpayment to cardholder

Fully Integratedon Merchant’s website

HostedPage onMerchant’s website

Integration with Sabre-SynXis Booking Engine

Back Office Merchant Support


Fraud Monitoring

Mobile POS

Chargeback Support Team

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Wherever you want to go,

we can help you get there

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Cim Finance | 21

Chronology of Events

Leasing facilities are accessible at more than 100 dealership partners around the island

Over 5,000 active customers in our Leasing portfolio

Acquisition of Mauritian Eagle Leasing Company Ltd




One of the pioneers non-banking institution to offer Leasing facilities in Mauritius

Providing in-house Leasing facilities at dealership partners

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Leasing Facilities

Leasing is one of Cim Finance’s core businesses. Cim Finance has traditionally been very strong in the second hand and reconditioned car market as well as with SME clients and more recently also focuses on leasing new cars and corporate fleets. Our corporate sales team understands the need of dynamic and fast-growing businesses and provides guidance to promote their growth. Our leasing solutions for vehicles and equipment match customers’ needs and boost their financial security. The flexible leasing contracts let customer use assets against periodic repayments scheduled over 36 to 84 months.

Solutions for the acquisition of vehicles and equipment

A corporate sales team that understands fast- growing business needs

Expert guidance to promote customers’ growth


2 nd position in terms of market share in Mauritius.

Periodic repayment schedules of 36 to 84 months

Flexible leasing contracts

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Factoring Improve your cash flow with factoring

24 | Cim Finance

Cim Finance | 25

Chronology of Events

Managing over 7,000 debtors for our customers since inception

SME Factoring Scheme represent 33% of our Factoring portfolio

Over 500 customers

Implementation of HPD Aquarius with Live Interface system for Factoring customers

Launch of International Factoring

Launch of non-recourse Factoring







Only non-banking institution to offer Factoring services

Introducing SME Factoring Scheme on the market

Became Associate Member of FCI


Rs Rs

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Factoring Services

Cim Finance was also a pioneer in Factoring in Mauritius, launching its factoring business in 2004 offering recourse factoring to its domestic customers and launching its non- recourse product in 2006. Cim Finance’s credit insurer is Coface, headquartered in Paris. Coface has over 4,000 employees in 100 countries. We work closely with Coface, with Coface helping Cim Finance to anticipate and evaluate the risks of debtors covered by Coface’s credit insurance so that we can make the right business decisions. We have a state of the art system from HPD called Aquarius, which is a significant enhancement. In addition to the benefits we get internally from the new system, our customers have full visibility of their Factoring transactions through a live interface. A big milestone for the team was that Cim Finance was accepted as an associate member of FCI, headquartered in Amsterdam, in August 2018. This has enabled Cim Finance to launch import and export factoring in the near future as well as to leverage on FCI’s global network of members and affiliates. There was significant growth of 30% in factoring disbursements in FY18 vs. FY17.

Financing up to 90% of invoice value within 24 hours

Advisory service on customer credit worthiness

Debtors’ management

Credit insurance to mitigate risk of insolvency

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Export Factoring A complete Factoring package for established exporters who require the flexibility of selling on open account terms, coverage against credit losses and, collection and sales ledger administration support services. Why Export Factoring? International Factoring

Immediate draw of funds in accounts receivable currency (70% - 90% of invoice value)

90% risk protection

Accounts receivable management taken over by the factor company

Increased competitive advantage by providing goods on open credit terms

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Import Factoring Import Factoring is a service giving Cim Finance’s customers the possibility to obtain a short-term credit for foreign purchases, based on the financial soundness of their company. Why Import Factoring?

Expand purchasing power without using existing credit lines

Business can buy on open account terms

Purchase supplies without delays

No collaterals needed

Easier to deal with a more larger number of suppliers

Cim Finance | 29

Cim Credit Kenya Expanding our horizon

The Launch

Cim Credit Kenya’s Aspira platform was officially launched at the end of 2018, giving Kenyans more choice about how to buy on credit. Aspira allows customers to buy goods and services ranging from household goods and personal electronics to travel and insurance on credit, with free credit assessment, competitive rates and limits of up to Ksh 500,000. The Aspira mobile application is available on iOS and Android smartphones. Customers can also register and maintain their accounts through the Aspira Portal. We partner with most of the major retailers as well as online merchants serving the Kenyan market. The Fintech platform of Aspira combines speed with ease of use.

Customers can register on Aspira in 2 simple steps by:

1 Downloading the Aspira App available on Google Play and App Store or the Aspira Portal

2 Submitting M-PESA & Bank Statements

32 | Cim Finance

About Aspira

Officially launched in May 2018, Aspira is the product financing partner of leading retailers in Kenya, including Naivas, Hotpoint, Victoria Courts, Tile & Carpet, Nikon, Elite Digital, SaluteiWorld, Citadel, Jumia, Gametroniq, SkyGarden, among others. During the last two years, we have gradually grown and built a reputation as a reliable product financier.

14K+ Individual Customers Financed

90+ Retail Partners

20K+ Products Financed

650M+ of Products Financed

Our strategy aims at sustainable growth based on a healthy portfolio, using technology to build scale and manage costs.

Our credit vetting and fraud detection processes use Robotics while our customer onboarding and engagement touch-points use biometric facial recognition. These have enabled Aspira to successfully adapt to the current market conditions.

We are now aiming to grow further via the seamless integration of our E-commerce Financing Solution.

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About Aspira

“The app available on IOS and Android mobile platforms will allow users to apply for credit, get instant credit information, retailer information, loan status, payment updates amongst others” “Aspira is different from other mobile loan apps in Kenya. It does not offer clients cash, but channels the money directly to retailers to help clients acquire products they want...the speed and ease of access to quick loans makes it an attractive option” “We are excited to partner with Aspira to bring a game-changing financing to the Kenyan market, enabling a wider range of consumers to be able to purchase quality household appliances and electronics from the Hotpoint retail stores” “We have structured the payments in a way that will give customers flexibility and ease of paying the daily and monthly installments while using the products at home”

Also featured on:

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The Process

On-Boarding 1 Mobile App Self-Service 2 Online Portal Self-Service 3 POS Assisted by Agent or Retailer Staff

Application 1 Take A Selfie SMILE ID Verification

Purchase 1 Customer Selfie To Confirm Identification 2 Deposit via M-PESA 3 Customer Signature on POS 4 Delivery

2 Snap of ID 3 Subit KYC’s

• M-PESA Statements • Bank Statements

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Enabling Access to a Wide Range of Products

36 | Cim Finance

CIM Financial Services Ltd (‘CFSL’) is a company incorporated in the Republic of Mauritius (Incorporation n ° C57494 and BRN n° C07057494). CFSL is regulated by the Financial Services Commission (FSC) as a credit financing institution and is a duly registered data controller in accordance with the Mauritius Data Protection Act 2017. The FSC does not take responsibility for the soundness of the financial products or for the correctness of any statements made or opinions expressed in this advertisement.

P.O. Box 297 Cnr Edith Cavell & Mère Barthélemy Streets Port Louis Mauritius


Tel: +230 203 68 00 Email:

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